Hi, I'm Ayton

I often wonder why and what is this experience of being embodied consciousness - a human, being. Over time, and over and over again, I've learned to just nestle in and appreciate the weird, wonderful, terrible, magical and surreal roller coaster ride it is.

Luckily and gratefully, through all of the ups and downs, zigs, zags, and downright craziness of my little Life, it led (directed!?) me to manifest ‘simply’ on the magical island of Cortes where my purpose and mission is to just make this place and its people my Home.

I’ve managed small businesses and non-profits and learned a mix of handy skills (and life lessons) that I share with whomever finds my help welcome and useful. Currently, I’m a seasonal worker at Hollyhock, wrangling a subset of program logistics, IT support, and yoga informed+inspired movement. I also support people with giving life to their ideas through deep listening, heart and brainstorming, getting stuff done, and especially cloud-based tech stuff from A(pple's iCloud) to Z(oho).

I'm committed to kindness, curiousity, inclusion, humour and I really, really love to dance.

Reach out if you could use a hand (or an ear)

Background photo: Marina Island from Smelt Bay
Photo credit: Me